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Mini Madness

2010-03-11 03:33:04 by ClassicJazza

I said that i would no longer be procedding with pixel draw, but i am (hopefully) starting a new series. It will be called mini madness. Mini madness is like madness, only mini. It has mini people, mini buildings, mini cars and mini Guns. The only thing that is not mini is the blood and gore.

In other news, no one know's this but my old user on newgrounds was Jazza111. Of course, this user is more known than Jazza111, but who cares, im telling u anyway.

Pixel draw 2

2010-02-19 20:25:49 by ClassicJazza

pixel draw 2 is now out, I am working on a three but it might take a bit longer since i will be away for a week on monday.


2010-02-06 23:15:20 by ClassicJazza

i just submitted pixel draw ealier today, it is only the demo but i just want to see if people like it, oh, and im no longer working on death race!! so yeah pixel draw is where me, and maybe some other artits draw pixel pictures and they turn out to be ok. some of them move but others dont. I also need to find some music for the full version. if I make the full version I will put extra stuff each version, i hope it turns into a series. some of them will be crap and some of them good.

enough about pixel draw, onto buiseness, as you might know i am very young and dont have a job, so its hard for me to get what i need, meaning i spend most my day on my computer. You might think i spend a lot of time on flash, but i slack of alot, spenging 70% of my time on newgrounds, so done expect much from me. keep flashing!!

Death Race

2010-01-29 23:22:23 by ClassicJazza

I am now working on a new series called death race. It is a new style of characters doing a not-so-fun run against each other. Main characters names are Dick, God and Lucky. Be ready for new style pixel animation(yes, i said pixel). Keep Flashing.